Arab Co. For Petroleum Industries


OIL TECH Lubricants is ISO 9001 certified and is officially approved by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and also well recognized standards such as: ACEA / CCMC / US-MIL. Our lubricants are produced in Egypt and are formulated from high-end base oils and are mixed with the most advanced additive packages, on the basis of European OEM design formulations in order to ensure optimal performance and durability.

We provide our customers with oil analysis programs, on sight service advice and lubrication education and training in order to ensure optimal performance. We offer a variety of grades within every segment, if not we can develop it. We meet the latest lubricant specifications and provide our customers with official approvals on our products.

Always looking for the ultimate combination between our lubricants and the machinery and equipment it is designed for. Our Research and Development department is continuously creating new formulations in order to provide the right lubrication for all kinds of machinery. From the development of a new product up to the introduction of a new pack, the passion for innovation is integrated in our business.

Building a strong global brand is a collaborative effort. After all, it is not just our company that makes the brand a success, it is also our worldwide network of suppliers, agents, distributors and end-users. Our partner-focus approach ensure that we are flexible and accessible to always provide training and support. We are committed to going the extra mile for our partners. Your success, is our success.